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Mountain Flower Apparel is located in Park City, Utah. Our focus is sustainability and giving back to our community. We only use water-based inks on all of our screen printed apparel and invest in GREEN measures in our water filtration, cleaning supplies and daily activities.

We print on t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, cotton and canvas tote bags, beanies, ball caps, aprons and we also do embroidery.

Water-based inks are vibrant, soft and breathable. Our inks are eco-friendly and the perfect choice for those with environmental concerns. We are free of environmentally damaging chemicals such as lead, PVC, heavy metals, Azo compounds, Nonylphenol and Phthalates and do not contain ozone depleting chemicals – CFCs, HCFCs, VOCs, or volatile solvents making our apparel safe for all.

Mountain Flower Apparel uses the Sgreen® Filtration System designed to remove harmful waste solids from the screen cleaning process. Even when using eco-friendly inks and chemicals, the screen cleaning and reclaiming process can cause harmful solids to be flushed down the drain. We use the Sgreen® Filtration System to filter out any possible waste products from our water which helps us to run a greener shop with a cleaner conscience. Our system catches the water as it comes out of the sink, sending it through six stages of filtration for optimal clean water. The first stage is a disposable filter which catches all of the big particles immediately; then the water goes through a series of three reusable screens: 86, 156, and 200 mesh. The filtered water then flows into a pump holding tank where a high powered industrial sump pump is triggered, pushing the water through the final two stages: a 70 micron and 20 micron filter. With this six stage filtering process, we are confident that the water has been filtered multiple times, most solids have been removed, and any remaining particulate has been reduced to 20 microns, giving us clean water and a true eco-friendly screen cleaning process.